Whiz with…well kind of

Well Spring Break is over, but I still want to reminisce on my whirlwind trip to Philly. I can’t forget to blog about the one, the only, Philly Cheesesteak. Traditionally, visitors to Philly are sent to two main cheesesteak places, Pat’s or Geno’s. I did a little online research, and it turned out there are equal if not better spots in town to get an original steak. I wanted to go somewhere that the locals go, somewhere off the beaten path a bit. I discovered Jim’s Steaks. Jim’s is located on one of the most eclectic streets I have ever visited, mineral shops next to coffee shops, next to condom and lingerie shops. Welcome to South Street.

I got in line at Jim’s, mesmerized by the mass of grilled onions and peppers in front of me. I heard ordering can be serious business; whiz with, whiz without, provolone with, American with, all terms that I read about. Though a real cheesesteak may be whiz with, I am not fan of yellow cheese that could be made in chemistry lab. I ordered my cheesesteak with provolone, onions, and peppers. I watched it come off the grill and headed upstairs to the sitting area, my mouth watering. It was time! After a quick photo op of my sandwich, I wolfed it down, barely taking breaks for a breath. It was AMAZING. Next time I head to Philly, you know where I’ll be, upstairs at Jim’s dining in food paradise.

Thanks Bev for letting me use some of your awesome photos!


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