My own personal Top Chef challenge

I decided to come home this weekend for some much needed friends and family. As usual, when I got home Friday, my mom and I started discussing meal plan ideas for Saturday’s dinner. We usually do a seafood dinner on Saturdays, and Giant Eagle had halibut on sale. I loooove halibut. We researched a halibut rub (parsley, lemon zest, and tarragon) and knew we were going to have my dad grill it up. My mom wanted to sauté radishes, something she read about yesterday in the newspaper. We also decided to roast some tomatoes. Now, we just had to figure out what we wanted to serve as the “potato” side. At Macaroni Grill they serve halibut with a pesto risotto. I have always wanted to attempt risotto. It seems to be the one thing that really sends people home on my favorite cooking reality show, Top Chef. One of my favorite chef’s, Tre, went home this season because the judges did not like his risotto. I was determined to try it and master it, but I was also really nervous. I picked out a recipe for asparagus risotto, a recipe by Mark Bittman. Add him to the list of people I love, lol. The whole time I was preparing the risotto, my mind was racing with questions. Would Tom Colicchio think this was too stiff? If I put this on my plate would it spread out? Would this dish make the cut? How in the world do people cook risotto while making other things in the kitchen? I felt like I had to watch the risotto with a close eye. When it was all said and done, it turned out AMAZING, according to the Woodward family judges’ table. Let’s just say, I would not be packing my knives.

Let your mouth water while looking at these photos:

Getting ready to cook.

So GOOD :)


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