Who Needs Ham?

When I think about this year’s Easter celebration I think about Cadbury mini eggs, Tom Colicchio’s cookbook, and really great food. For the first year ever I did not celebrate Easter in Ohio. I decided to stay at school this weekend, and my mom came to PA to spend the weekend with me. We knew we wanted to mix it up this Easter and make some light, delicious dishes that were outside of our routine meat and potato Easter dinner. We planned the menu all week, sending emails back and forth. We came up with the following:

– Roasted asparagus and tomato salad with orange citrus dressing
– Bread salad with peas (panzanella)
– My grandma’s recipe for deviled eggs (no Easter would be right without these)
– Bacon wrapped scallops pan seared in rosemary butter
– Olive oil cake with Grand Marnier berries and homemade whipped cream
– Red wine
– Iced Tea

It was different, it was tasty and it was a cooking adventure. It may not be traditional Easter food, but spending time with my mom, cooking in the kitchen, captures the spirit of Easter in my eyes.

Feeling bad for my left out dad and brother back in OH? Don’t. They were chowing down on grilled baby back ribs. It is safe to say, no matter what state my family was in, the Woodwards were doing Easter up right.

Deviled eggs and panzanella

Roasted asparagus and tomato salad

Bacon wrapped scallops

Easter dinner

Dessert :)


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