So, it has been a while since my last post. Sorry I have been lacking, but life has been crazy. I was in Ohio, Pennsylvania and back in Ohio all in one week. I am currently getting ready to leave for Spain in the morning! This means I will not be posting for at least ten days, but have no fear. As SOON as I get back from Spain I am going to be seriously posting about all of the amazing food and sangria I will have consumed. Get excited for small eatery bios, fresh seafood dishes and plenty, PLENTY of wine reports. I promise to take tons of photos.

Can't wait to see this- Sagrada Família

Oh, and don’t think I forget this months Food and Wine recipe either. For the current issue my favorite recipe is definitely this:

Cocoa-Carrot Cake with Cocoa Crumbles.

I am a huge fan of carrot cake and obviously chocolate. How could a mixture of these two worlds not be anything but perfect? Good thing I just invested in a loaf pan. I can’t wait to try this out after my trip.

Hasta luego everyone!


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