I am back from Spain; what a trip! It’s hard to believe it has already been a week. I terribly miss the Spanish lifestyle, good eats and wine of course. I am pretty sure my blood type is now vino, so what better place to start blogging about my Spanish food conquest? I love wine with all parts of a meal, but the combination of wine and dessert has a special place in my heart. Bring on the drinks and the decadent treats!


I drank a lot of sangria here, but not a whole lot of straight wine. The day we took a cooking class (Cook and Taste) and could drink as much wine as we wanted, I was super hung over, go figure. Water was the only option in my mind. Even though I couldn’t try the wine, I definitely felt well enough to try the dessert, Catalan Cream. Catalan Cream is similar to Crème Brulee and Flan, just a tad less heavy. Heavy or not, I always have room for dessert, especially one that two of my friends, Ashley and Natalie, actually made! My favorite part is the crunchy caramelized top. So GOOD!

Catalan Cream


This is where the real wine drinking began. Our first night, we went on a tapas tour that took us to my favorite eating and drinking spot, La Vinoteca. The red wine was great!


At a suggested spirits shop near our hotel, I purchased wine for my family, 3 reds and 2 whites. If I could do it again, I would have brought back double that. I kept one bottle of red for myself, a 2002 Enate, tempranillo and cabernet sauvignon blend. I am saving it for a special night, or I may just drink it while watching some really trashy reality TV.

Wine :)

A night on the town was not complete without a stop at Chocolateria San Gines. This was our version of late night Taco Bell, churros and chocolate! Even looking at the picture makes my mouth water. I would give up air conditioning for the summer to have this dessert delivered to me right now, and if you know me you know I HATE being hot. If you go to Madrid, you must eat this dessert. I repeat, YOU MUST EAT THIS. It only cost quatro (four) euros for 6 churros and a cup of the richest, most delicious chocolate ever.


Obviously, this is only a snippet of the wine and dessert that was consumed overseas, but I think it represents some of the best.

Cheers to grapes, fermentation, sweets and good friends.


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