Ice Cream Bonbon Update

My mom’s birthday was July 11, and for her big THREE O, wink wink, I decided that instead of a cake I was going to try out the ice cream bonbon recipe from June’s Food and Wine magazine (See previous post). We had the chocolate, we had cookies to use as the base and we had about a pint of Graeter’s black raspberry chunk ice cream. I followed the procedure exactly, but I did hit some roadblocks along the way. Things to consider if you attempt to make these:

1. If the ice cream melts during the dipping process it will change the texture of your melting chocolate. Keep an eye on this and be quick.

2. I scooped out the ice cream balls first, and then I froze the balls. That way they were really frozen. Otherwise you would be trying to scoop them out when the ice cream is rock hard.

3. I think it may actually be easier to pour the chocolate over the ice cream ball rather than dip. I am still working on this step.

4. Chocolate chips are nearly impossible to do this with, unless you add butter or cream and really thin it out. We were using melting chocolate, but we ran out.

5. Any chocolate cookie bottom will do. I used chocolate graham crackers.

These are just a few of the things I remember. To be honest, the bonbons looked pretty bad. The whole time I was whining to my mom about how they looked nothing like the picture in the magazine. Funny thing is, they tasted GREAT. To quote my mom, dad and brother, “We don’t give a sh*t if the dessert looks good as long as it taste good.” I love how my family made me feel good about something I considered a semi-disaster. All in all dessert tasted great, and my mom had a wonderful birthday!

AMAZING ice cream

Scooped out and ready to freeze

Finished product :)


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