Happy October

Wow, it’s been awhile. I have zero blogs from the month of September. It isn’t coincidence that this happened to be the same month of my thesis sampling. Between the start of football season and 12-14 hour days at school, blogging fell by the wayside. I will say this though, cooking did not. Through all the chaos of September, just because I was not writing about great meals, doesn’t mean I wasn’t making them! I have plenty to write about over the next month. Oh, and this is my FAVORITE month of the year. I LOVE OCTOBER! I am going to make it my mission to blog frequently about all of my October creations.

On to bigger news- this past Wednesday, as part of Penn State’s guest speaker series, I got to see ALTON BROWN speak on campus. If you actually don’t know who this is, check this out. I went in expecting to hear some rendition of life as a Food Network chef. I got what I hoped for and then some! I swear I was at a stand-up comedy act. Between RA, grad student, and Rachel Ray jokes and live demonstrations on how to quickly chill a beer, I was thoroughly entertained. It was a great distraction from my typical Wednesday evening lab prep, and my love for Alton Brown grew exponentially. You should definitely watch some Good Eats, read his awesome cookbooks and watch the upcoming season of Next Iron Chef.

Happy October 2nd everyone!


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