Bspot hits the spot

Last week for lunch my friend Troy, fellow extreme foodie, and I decided to try one of Michael Symon’s famous Cleveland restaurants. We headed to Bspot, a burger joint to die for. There are currently four locations in the Cleveland area: Eton (the one we went to), Crocker Park, Strongsville and The “Q”. Troy and I went with hungry bellies and high expectations, even driving against a classic north east Ohio snowstorm.

We were impressed from the start. Even the brief 15 minute wait at the bar was enjoyable. Note to self- This place must be popular if it’s packed on a Monday during a snowstorm. We got a drink at the bar and chatted until our table was ready. We were totally entertained by the bartender. He almost had us convinced to stay at the bar and eat with him, but hey we are booth people.

Our buzzer went off and we headed to our table, our orders completely planned out. Ha, that was a fail. As soon as we sat down, and the waiter gave us the run down, we abandoned ship. We had to get the national burger winner, the Yo! burger. It wasn’t my first choice or even second, but it is by far the BEST burger I have ever eaten. The flavor combinations were out of this world, and it was so juicy! Throw in some Lola rosemary fries and a vanilla bean apple pie bacon shake… my friends, this is heaven. I can’t forget the array of homemade sauces waiting to be slathered on some fries! I loved the ketchup and espresso barbecue. Troy and I are both still dreaming of these sauces.

Don’t get me wrong, by the end of the meal I was full, but surprisingly not miserable. One of my favorite things about the Bspot burger is the size. It’s not a monster by any means. It’s the perfect size, and each component works so well together. You can tell it’s thoroughly thought out. I don’t think I would ever adjust Michael’s creations; they are perfect just the way they are.

Bravo Michael Symon. From now on, when I come home to Ohio, Bspot is on my list of stops. Shoot, the word stop is in the name!

One last thing, my whole meal with tip was easily under $20.00 (I did split the shake and fries with Troy). Trust me, you still get plenty of goodness while sharing :)

Sorry for the lack of photos. Once the food hit the table, we were way too excited to take pictures.


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