Strawberry Daiquiri Movie Night

I normally post about food, but with great food usually comes great drinks. Cue today’s post.

Friday night was one of those nights. The bar seemed so far away, the couch was so cozy and there were plenty of movies in the Red Box that looked amazing! My roommates and I ordered takeout food from one of our favorite restaurants in town and alcoholic beverages with dinner were completely necessary. Hey, we are grad students, lol! A bottle of wine meant an additional trip to the liquor store (PA does not serve alcohol in grocery stores, boo), beer sounded boring and we had a growing stash of rum in the kitchen. One of my roommates decided it was a strawberry daiquiri kind of night, and I jumped on this idea. Brilliant.

The following is a rough guess of our recipe. Honestly, we added ingredients to taste for this drink. I suggest doing the same. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to alcohol strength and sweetness.

Strawberry Daiquiri

– Half a quart of strawberries

– 1 tablespoon of powdered sugar

– Juice from a quarter lime (another sliver for glass)

– Ice (or you could use frozen strawberries)

– Light Rum (to taste)

Throw all of these ingredients in a blender, blend away, pour in a fancy glass, decorate with a lime wedge and enjoy.

Nothing like Ryan Gosling and a girly drink. TGIF :)


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