SUPER Bowl Sunday

Are you ready for some football food?!

Sunday night marked one of the greatest nights In America, Super Bowl Sunday. What other day can you eat vast amounts of amazing, completely unhealthy food and drink beer? Well actually I’m pretty sure this is a daily American thing for many, but you know what I mean. Your reasons for watching may have differed: the commercials, the game or the halftime performance, but we can all agree the food is the real game winner.

This year we downplayed our menu a bit, but the quality of food was still worthy of the night. We only bust out the full, running out of counter space, every imaginable tailgate treat present menu if the team playing is wearing black and yellow. Uh huh, you know what it is (Wiz reference for my mom).

So here it is, the Woodward’s Superbowl menu:

– Cut up vegetables: carrots, broccoli, celery, cucumbers, snow peas, peppers, mushrooms and tomatoes

When we say “veggies” we mean VEGGIES.

– Two homemade dips: my mom’s curry dip and feta cheese spread

Loved by all of the tailgaters at N.Lincoln.

– Your typical chips and crackers

We can’t forget the basics.

– Maple chipotle buffalo wings

Hailed from Food and Wine these wings are to die for.

– Texas beer braised beef chili

This chili had everything in it: cinnamon, clove, beer, roasted poblanos, chuck roast, onion, garlic, etc.

– Carmelita’s

Check out this blog for the recipe. Yes, they are as good as they look.

Delicious! Now, I only have to wait 363 more days until next year’s Super Bowl, annndddd hopefully that will also mark Number 7 for the Steel City :)


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