Cartel Coffee Lab

My final post from Arizona- If there is one thing I love more than food it’s coffee. I’m always on the hunt for coffee spots no matter what city I’m in; Phoenix was no different. After another night of Mexican (shocking), I noticed a small restaurant/café across the street called Hillside Spot. I stopped in for a late night decaf. It was honestly one of the best regular coffees I have ever had, no joking here. When my mom arrived we went for breakfast twice, and I just had to ask, “Where is this coffee from?”

Our server told us it was from Cartel Coffee Lab. There are several locations around the Phoenix area, and I immediately googled the closest one. I had to go, enjoy a drink and purchase some beans to take home.

From the moment I walked in the door, I was blown away. Colored art plastered the walls, a bicycle tire frame display added character and the smell of coffee filled the air. I grabbed a bag of La Perla, apparently one of their most popular blends and ordered a latte.

The choices.

In love with this.

Oh, did I mention they roast their own beans in house?!! Yeah, that’s for real, and you can tell they put time into their product! I’m obsessed, OBSESSED!

I’m going to need some good stuff to help me finish my thesis over the next couple of months, but at the same time this coffee is so good that I want to make it last. At least I can order it online, and you should too. This is not your average cup of Joe!

Life is good.


3 thoughts on “Cartel Coffee Lab

  1. Ive been enjoying reading your posts! Especially the mexican food post. Coffee is DEFINITELY a great thing lol and the last photo looks YUMMY!!
    :thumbs up:: hope you really enjoyed AZ…we welcome you back to this side of the country :)

    • Thanks Jess. I miss your presence on social networking sites! Loved seeing a comment from you on here! I also enjoy reading your blog a lot!!! It feels good to be back in the midwest/east. This weather has been VERY welcoming :)

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