Fish Stew

I’m excited about this post for so many reasons:

I found this recipe through the blog Simply Recipes. I love how straightforward it is, and the substitution recommendations. I had a hard time finding clam juice at our local grocery store, and I decided to just do the white wine/water substitution. I also used tilapia. Being a grad student, I’m always trying to save money, and believe me when I say the soup was great with tilapia. Though, I can’t wait to try it with halibut in the future.

Quick kitchen tip- It can be a pain to open a bottle of wine for just 2/3 cup. Well, if you aren’t in the mood for drinking. In that case it’s a blessing. I suggest getting the mini bottles of wine at the grocery store, typically sold in a six pack. They are great when you only need a little bit for specific recipes! I credit my mom for this one.

I enjoyed this soup (numerous times) with a big green salad and a piece of crusty baguette. Yum :) This is definitely a keeper and working its way into my monthly rotation. Enjoy!


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