Blondie Bars

Who doesn’t love dessert? Even better, who doesn’t love a dessert that won’t add five pounds to your hips? I found this blog through a friend on Facebook, and I am so grateful for it. The blogger, Katie, takes decadent desserts, breakfast breads, drinks and many other delicious treats and makes them healthy!

I wasn’t sure this was possible, but so far so good. I’m hooked, and if you make her blondie bars, I’m sure you will be too. The ingredients are so basic, and I still can’t believe these bars are actually made with chickpeas! Yes, you read that right, chickpeas!

These bars are only 74 CALORIES! They have NO eggs, flour, butter or white sugar. They are completely vegan and I can’t stop eating them.

The dough.

Note– I didn’t have flax, so I used oats instead (same amount as flax). I also added an additional 1/8 cup of oats so that the mix wasn’t too wet. On Katie’s blog (in the comment section and under the nutritional info tab) she fills you in on some other possible substitutions. Last time I made these with my roommate we added some chopped hazelnuts. With the oats and nuts, the bars are closer to 100 calories a piece, but I think that still makes them a fabulous dessert choice. I honestly feel like I’m eating a chocolate chip cookie bar, without the guilt.

I’m thinking in the future I might try adding pecans, and I might even try Nutella instead of peanut butter. You know how I feel about Nutella; it makes everything better.

That’s all I got for today. I can’t wait to make more desserts from Katie’s website, and I hope you love it as much as I do. My sweet tooth and hips are finally going to be on the same page :)


7 thoughts on “Blondie Bars

  1. When i first looked at this post without reading it I was so confused as to what the chickpeas and amazing brownies had to do with eachother. I never would’ve guessed you could make dessert with them! I want to try these!!!

    • Pretty sure- if you use dark chocolate chips and the peanut butter is right? The rest for sure is- oats, vanilla, chickpeas, brown sugar, etc. You should check out her website. TONS of vegan desserts, and I’m sure they are all as great as this one!

  2. Have you tried the “Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Pie” on her blog yet? I think they’re even better than the blondies! Of course, they have a whole bunch of sugar (which i found could easily be cut by 1/3), but with beans and oats I still feel guilt-free. :)

    • I have not tried that yet. That will for sure be next, I just love this blog! Thanks for the tip on the sugar, and of course thanks again for sharing this site! I will let you know how the chocolate pie turns out when I try it :)

    • @Erin- I made the pumpkin chocolate chip single cupcake tonight, and it was so good! I made real butter cream frosting though b/c I didn’t have her frosting ingredients, so not as healthy, but the cake itself was delicious!

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