This post immediately takes me back to Kent State nights with my friend Heather. After partying it up at the Venice and Zephyr we would head straight to the Gyro. Sure we would get excited for gyros and jojos, but nothing got us more excited than the cucumber sauce! It seriously was the perfect ending to a great night.

In honor of great nights on the town with Heather, I give you my homemade cucumber sauce recipe. No oil in this recipe, and it’s only 170 calories for an entire tub (10.6 oz). Yes, you can fully enjoy this dip! I especially love it with dill Triscuits, Stacy’s pita chips and cut up vegetables.

Cucumber Sauce

– 2 containers of plain Greek yogurt (I use Oikos Dannon plain)

– 1 small cucumber, seeded and chopped

– 2-3 cloves of garlic, minced

– Sprinkle of Kosher salt (regular works too)

– Few cranks of cracked black pepper

– Dill, to taste

Note- For the seasonings, I use the slow and steady method. I add a little and taste, add a little more and taste again. Sorry, I can’t provide more specific amounts, but I really think these things should be based on your liking.

The next step couldn’t be any easier- take all those ingredients and mix them in a bowl! This dip is best served cold, but I always sneak a few bites right after I make it. I hope this gets you as excited as it gets me :)

Delicious snack :)


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