Favorite Friday

Lately I have noticed a lot of posts about favorites: favorite fashions, beauty products, movies, etc. I figured why not jump on the band wagon and highlight some of my favorite foods?

So here you have it, in my best sound of music voice, “These are a few of my favorite things.”

1. Oikos Greek yogurt

I love this yogurt! I like Chobani too, but this brand is my favorite! I buy the blueberry and raspberry, and recently my mom told me that I must try the honey. I also buy a lot of plain to use in dressings, sauces, and anything else that might require mayo or sour cream. This yogurt is a great protein source and breakfast treat.

2. Wine soaked berries

This past Easter, my mom and I made wine soaked berries and coconut cake for dessert. The berries were amazing. We made a lot, so the rest of the week I got to enjoy the leftovers. Well, now I must have wine soaked berries stocked in the fridge at all times.

When my mom made them she reduced the wine and sugar on the stove to make a thicker sauce, but I just put a 1/2  cup red wine, 1-2 tbsp.  sugar, and cut up berries in a bowl and let them sit overnight or longer. Either option yields yummy berries! These are great on yogurt (especially the Greek mentioned above), cake, and/or just eating out of the container!

3. Blue Diamond flavored almonds

I’d like to thank my brother for getting me hooked on these. I love almonds: unsalted, salted, roasted or just plain. One of my other favorite snack foods is salt and vinegar chips, but I literally can’t buy them because I will devour the whole bag in a sitting. So, the salt and vinegar almonds are a gift from above. I eat a serving of them and get the protein that chips can’t provide, but I also get the flavor that I crave! I’ve tried the Wasabi Soy, Carolina Barbeque and  Habaῆero Barbeque, and so far I like them all.

So there you have it, my latest food addictions. What’s your latest food obsession?!


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