Nature is Awesome. Period.

Another food detour post…

Something I noticed today:

When the world around you is swirling with negativity, one of the best ways to wind down is to connect with nature. No Twitter, Facebook or TV, simply some tunes or the sounds of nature itself. Inspired by all the walkers in my life, I embarked outside for an afternoon stroll. I had no plan in mind, just some music and my tennis shoes. I took some pictures, sang along to The Rolling Stones, and SMILED! Seriously, people passing probably thought my huge grin was creepy.

I just felt happy, life was simple, and I was able to forget everything going on in the “real world.”

The path I walked.

The first thing I noticed on my walk was how blue the sky was. It was so crisp and beautiful. I especially loved the contrast of the blue sky against the green trees!

Of course along the walk I detoured to the fresh blackberry bushes. My friends back home can attest that around me, no blackberry bush goes unpicked! It takes me right back to my childhood days of picking berries in our backyard so my mom could make them into delicious pies.

I also love flowers. This white one is pretty classic summer.

I walked past a cornfield, and I couldn’t help but think about the droughts sweeping the Midwest. Their corn is pretty brown. I’m thankful that ours still looks green, especially because I have an amazing new taco recipe that requires fresh corn (post coming soon).

Towards the end of my walk I noticed this archway in a backyard that ran against the trail. I thought it was beautiful.

One hour later, I felt GREAT. Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed my walk :)


2 thoughts on “Nature is Awesome. Period.

  1. Awesome!! Love the photos! Sounds and looks like a very peaceful time. Odd you wrote about no social networks, because Ive thought about writing a blog on them!

    Enjoyed reading this :)

    • Thanks Jess! I would love to read a post by you about social networks. Some things def need to be said. They are kind of getting out of control!

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