Football Tailgate Food

Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go! OK, so I promise this isn’t a post about my love for the Pittsburgh Steelers. This is a post about the best food in the world, FOOTBALL FOOD. Last Sunday I went to the Steelers home opener versus the New York Jets. The game was good, the Steelers won, but the highlight of my day was and is always the tailgate. You can count on great drinks, great friends and of course every kind of meat product imaginable. It’s the epitome of gluttony and usually the highlight (highlights if I’m lucky) of my year.
The spread last Sunday included:
– Beer
– Hard cider
– Wine
– Shots of Captain, Maker’s Mark and Wild Turkey
– Shrimp cocktail
– Chips of all kinds
– Salsa and guacamole
– Vegetables and curry dip
– Chicken and vegetable satay (I made these using this peanut sauce recipe)
– Ribs
– Cheese burgers
– Barbeque pork
– Sausage sandwiches
– Stuffed peppers
– Perogies
– Stuffed shells
– and my personal favorite… Bacon Wrapped Goodies. From wrapped water chestnuts and tater tots to wrapped sausage and stuffing, you name it, it can be wrapped in bacon, grilled and eaten.

Family pic, minus dad (he’s a Browns fan).

Eventually we stopped eating and drinking, walked to the game, and witnessed a Steelers Victory! Check out this view. It doesn’t get any better.
Going to a game soon? The internet is filled with tailgating recipes. I’ve already bookmarked some goodies for future tailgates with the N. Lincoln crew!
Salted Caramel Squares I made these a while back, and they were delicious. If I make them for a future game, I’ll probably add some crumbled bacon on top and maybe a splash of bourbon. If you haven’t noticed, bacon is the star of many tailgates.
Happy Tailgating to all, even if you are a Baltimore, New England, Philly, Cleveland, Tebow, Oakland, Tennessee, and/or Cincinnati fan! ;)

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