October = Best Month Ever

Fall is here, and I couldn’t be happier. Every October I compile a list of things that must be done to properly celebrate fall: carve some pumpkins, drink apple cider, get fresh picked apples from the farmers’ market, hike, take pictures of leaves, bake every pumpkin treat imaginable, go to a haunted house, plan my Halloween costume, etc. I don’t mess around. I’ve been happily working through this list and documenting along the way!

Two weeks ago I had a Pinterest baking night with by BF Katie, and we made delicious cream cheese filled pumpkin muffins with streusel topping. We both agreed that even though they were delightful, it wouldn’t hurt to add a little extra cream cheese next time; it was the best part!

While home, I also spent some time walking around my parents’ yard taking pictures of the fall leaves. The colors are breathtaking!

This past weekend my friends Heather and Will were visiting from OH. We got together with my friends here in PA, and we spent all of Saturday carving pumpkins, eating homemade pumpkin cupcakes, drinking hard cider and fall beer, watching college football and making pumpkin seeds. It was the best Saturday EVER! Obviously this is what I carved (I <;3 PSU)…

I can’t imagine carving a pumpkin and not eating the seeds, especially since the seeds are nutrient powerhouses packed with iron, magnesium, zinc, Vitamin K and more. This year’s seeds were above and beyond. We experimented with different flavors like cinnamon sugar and BBQ. Below is a basic seed recipe:

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Scoop out the seeds, rinse them off making sure to get rid of any pumpkin pulp, and spread them onto a paper towel to dry. They don’t have to be bone dry, but you want to get rid of that excess moisture. Once dry, roast the seeds in the oven at 300°F for 30 minutes. Take them out, drizzle with olive oil or butter and add your seasonings of choice. Bake the now spiced seeds for another 20 minutes or until golden. I tried the two flavor combinations below, and they both turned out great.

Sweet– toss seeds with cinnamon and sugar.

BBQ– toss seeds with brown sugar, salt, chipotle powder and cumin.

To wrap this post up I just have to say…the Penn State campus is GORGEOUS right now! Check out this tree by the library mall! It’s a little fuzzy because I took this on my iPhone while walking to class.

What are your favorite fall traditions? Share them below. I love new ideas!


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