This is me

My name is Emily, and I am currently a graduate student at Penn State. I was born and raised in Ohio where my parents made sure home cooked meals hit the dinner table almost every night. Whether my dad was cooking up what I like to call “Marinara Mondays” or my mom was making classic roast chicken and mashed potato Sunday dinner, I was always eating delicious foods. Needless to say, the apple does not fall far from the tree, and I LOVE to cook. Finding the time to make delicious meals can be a challenge, but it’s always worth it in the end.

My favorite part about cooking is sharing my creations with others. This blog is my chance to share my kitchen with the world. My main goal is to show everyone that great food does not have to come from a huge budget and fancy ingredients (though I do use some at times). It comes from experimenting in the kitchen and cooking with your heart. If I can make time for cooking dinner in-between classes, lab work, working out, weekly episodes of my favorite reality shows, and homework we all can! So get your garlic and olive oil ready and let’s get cooking :)

Enjoying a homemade empanada by the Mediterranean Sea- Barcelona, Spain


One thought on “This is me

  1. We realized earlier this year that our neighbor’s tree branches that hang into our yard held delicious mulberries! I also went to google to identify the tree and berries.—when I realized what we had, I let the kids go for it! We had stained fingers for about a week!!! but sooo worth it!

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